New Classic 700 - Rudder Blade

Hi Members,
I‘m new in this forum and looking for a new rudderblade or one as a spare part of a New Classic 700. Ours is broken and I was wondering if someone can help me with a blade or a contact to a manufacture of such a spare part.
Thanks in forward and kind regards

We have a member here who can build them, but I guess it would be quicker to have one made in your neighbourhood. Are there any wharf’s in the yellow pages nearby? Asking around might get you a new rudder quicker than you think. (my experience with my mast trouble)

Thanks a lot for your kind answer, very appreciated. Probably I have found a local one who can build a new one. Additional I have contacted the shipyard and waiting for an answer

You are most welcome :wink:

Welkom on the forum.

This is the member making rudderblades. There is a description in the technical section if you want diy.
The making of a blade takes about 30 hours. The price if I make one is about 300 materials and 600 labour.

Regards, Rob

Hi Rob,

thanks for your message. I’m going to have a call with a local manufacturer here at the Lake of Constance. But your offer sounds good. Could you send me an email to „“, please, if you don‘t mind? So, we can discuss some details directly.

Have a great evening

Kind regards

Hi Rob,

how long do you need for making a new rudder blade? Do you need the damaged one from me before you can start?


You have got mail.

Some info:

I need an example to make a blade. For the clever 23 I have my own. For the New Classic we have to find one in holland or you have to send both parts
If you can give me length, with en thickness I can start ordering wood and epoxy.

Fifteen years ago I started making a ‘shallow’ blade for my clever. In time I made about 25 blades for clever and other boats
You get one with a double layer 300gr/m woven glass at both sides. And a top layer of 60gr/m2 round the blade. Painted with a ‘connection’ paint, then the top of the rudder in 2C white. The underwaterpaint will stick to the connection paint. The profile will be NASA; better balance.

The reason you blade broke is: from the top part down it gets thinner very quickly. This gives strong tension-lines on a small part of the rudder. My blade gets thinner more graduate. I never had complains of braking one.

here are the homemade clever 23 with GRP helm, clever 23 with stainless helm and New classic blade (partial). You can see the difference

Shallow water NC700 blade during production

Regards, Rob