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Community & Support

Talk about the site and our community. Provide feedback for the moderators and get tips and tricks for the best experience.

Welcome aboard!

Welcome aboard and tell us all about yourself, your ship and why you are joining. Don’t forget to complete your user profile as well!

Trips, Races & Events

Planning to go somewhere? Want to go for a race? Organize a meet-up? Share it, join in and report back afterwards.

Technical Matters

Broken keels, vibrating rudders, need a new motor? Questions and answers to keep it all in top condition.

Cabin Life

Must-have gadgets, cabin improvement, storage solutions, IKEA modifications. There is a Marie Kondo in all of us. Spark joy!

Ultimate Trim

Need for speed? Maximum cruising comfort? Survival-mode? Tips & tricks to get the best trim all the time.


Looking for a spare? Something to offer? Know a guy who knows a guy? Specific things are hard to find, let’s help each other out.

Captain's Log

Sure, we have no off-shore rating, but our lifting keel trailer sailers take us where few can go. Let’s share our journeys and get inspired!


Ramp up, ramp down, mast up, mast down, keel up, keel down, spirits up, spirits down. In the end it’s all about trailering.

Knowledge Base

History, manuals, brochures, websites, design schemas, technical data. Let’s bring it all together in our treasure trove.