Welcome to the Sportina Forum

This is an online community to discuss anything related to the Sportina trailer sailer or any of its close relatives designed by Andrzej Skrzat in the nineties like the New Classic and Clever.

16 years of content
Originally a Dutch-only forum, the first post by Steven dates back to november 2004. In the summer of 2020 a brand new (and proud!) Sportina owner stumbled accross this forum and was amazed by all the valuable knowledge gathered here. Due to technical issues it was not available much of the time so a proper remake was in order. By end of 2020 we migrated all content and users to a modern community platform (Discourse) and decided to welcome all Sportina enthusiasts around the world going forward!

Google translate is our friend!
A lot of knowledge has been gathered over the years but most of the content is and will be in Dutch. The categories are defined in English so one anyone should be able to know where to go. so it best to stick to the language of the topic poster or go with a language you feel comfortable with. Get to know Google translate and this should work out fine.

We need you!
As we are reviving this community we will be looking to add new features, reorganize things further. We are on a learning curve in terms of community management and technical aspects so there may be some roadbumps along the way. We absolutely need your help in making it better and encourage you to share any ideas or suggestions in the Site Feedback category.

Share, share share!
We are very eager to get to know all the Sportina (and related) boat owners out there so please spread the word, share your experiences and join in the discussions! If you know other Sportina enthusiasts or forum members of the past, please invite them in!

But first, tell us about yourself
You can start by telling us a bit about yourself in welcome aboard, why you got your boat, where you sail, why sailing is your passion.
Then go fill out your user profile and add some data about your boat. By adding the location of where your boat lies we get a nice map with all forum members (visible for members-only).

Get the app!
The forum comes with an really nice mobile app for both iOS and Android. Comes with notifications and is really great for uploading photos straight from your phone.