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The best things in life are free, however running this site is not. :grinning:

Tender, love and care
I like spending time maintaining the site, interacting with you all and nurturing this slowly but steadily growing community. I have really boosted my tech skills adding new features along the way and automating the support as much as possible.

Recurring expenses
Apart from the time and effort I am happily investing there are also some recurring costs to host the site ( and acquire some of the supporting services. So far I have been able to keep these below €20 euro a month, which makes €240 a year.

Support donations
To cover the expenses made, I figured it would make sense to offer you guys the option to make a support donation. It is fully voluntary and you can choose to donate 5, 10 or 20 euro, whenever you feel like it, once or multiple times a year, or never at all. All up to you.

Not for profit
Should there be any surplus arising from this I will be taking suggestions from the community on what to spend it on. Fund a nice get-to-gether? Batch translation of older posts? Sportina banners to fly on our boats or perhaps better yet, donate to the KNRM (royal dutch rescue brigade).

How to donate

  • Scan any of the EU-SEPA QR codes below with bank’s your mobile app. Validate the data and wire the money.
  • If that doesn’t work you can create a manual transaction with the details on the QR code. This will also allow you to donate hundreds of euros if you like. :grin:
  • Not in EU/on SEPA? Brexit=brexit but you can still enjoy the site! :joy:
  • I will check on a regular basis, but do reply to this post to let know you made a contribution!

Contributors will be rewarded with ‘member’ status which will give you:

  • a super cool badge on your avatar
  • access to the empty member’s lounge (please don’t tell anyone)
  • a say in what to invest our plentiful profits in
  • nothing less than eternal fame

Thanks for supporting the site!

Hi Koen, uiteraard een donatie overgemaakt. Ik heb al veel tips en info kunnen vinden c.q. uitwisselen dankzij dit forum. En laat het voorjaar maar snel beginnen.

Rob & Ria

Thanks voor de bijdrage en graag gedaan!

Donatie gedaan. Dit handige forum in de lucht houden lijkt mij een goed idee.

Gr Rob

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Ziezo, mooi werk moet gesteund worden.

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