Stainless steel pole?

Hello from the UK.

These poles came with my boat. Any idea what they are for? Hopefully you can see the photos.

Thanks, Dave Fitz.

havent seen those before but my guess a support for the beam when using a deck tent?

Hello Dave! Welcome to the forum. We don’t get as many visitors from abroad as I would have hoped so glad you found it.

Could be some some kind of contraption for neither a deck tent or for bringing up the mast. At the base of the mast you will see a big round hole in the mast. That’s where some of the boat owners have a pole that allows rigging a line sufficiently away from the mast so you actually raise it back up. But seeing you have two I guess the deck tent hypothesis is a better guess.

Curious to what it will turn out to be.


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I dont mind posting in English in the future so we can have our international members join the discussion :smiley:

Thanks for the replies! I did think it might be something to do with raising the mast but I could not see how it worked. I made my own system in the end.

Yes, I wondered about trying to translate the posts!

My boat is on Lake Ullswater. I have seen one other Sportina 680 there too but I haven’t spoken to the owner to tell them about the forum.

Thanks again for the suggestions,

Dave. :sunglasses:

It is on the list to get a translation engine going using deepl. This will motivate me. Is there a general purpose sailing forum in the UK where you could notify sportina owners by any chance?


Am pitching in 50 bucks to fund the deepl integration for discourse (which is the forum software we use). Anyone care to join?

Tell me what this is about when we meet on friday, ill see what I can do.

Hi Dave, I may have seen this pole on Clever 23 ‘Grimsel’ now owned by Mano.

Grimsel has a similar system to raise and lower the mast. This one was custom made by a marina in Langweer in Friesland, owner named Hein

See forum ‘mast strijken’ about similar solutions

happy sailing


Hi have a similar s/steel pole which came with my Sportina 700 , I was told it was for locking keel down , seems to fit

Hi Pete welcome aboard!

How would you go about locking the keel down? What would the ends of the rod attach to? My keel is never going anywhere but down unless I lift it pulling the keel halyard so don’t see the need for locking down?

Cheers koen

I was told it locked keel in place in case of capsize,
mine has same T on one side and V on the other and can be adjusted in the middle for length, the V fits on a bar on the mast bracket and the T presses on the rubber rollers when keel fully down .Seems to fit