Pictures of original Sportlake 680 by Andrzej Skrzat

Found this on some ancient Slovakian importer site while looking for a nice background image for this forum.




And the google translated text that went with it:

Sportina 680 is a typical tourist - regatta cabin sailboat with a retractable keel. The large width on the waterline ensures high initial stability and sufficient interior space for a five-member crew. The interior of the cabin is equipped with a small kitchen block with a sink, a place for a stove and a folding table. The 65 cm wide center skis are also correspondingly high for a comfortable seat. The construction of the rudder book allows the rudder blade to be lifted almost vertically upwards, thanks to which it is possible to anchor the stern completely to the shore. Peel-type tarpaulin with 7/8 rigging. This iconic sailboat will delight the eye with its nice shapes, sophisticated functional deck and cockpit, laminate quality and aesthetically furnished cabin. But its main features are speed and excellent handling.

Leuk gevonden. van de bedenker…

five-member crew?
Kleine jongens die polen.

Gr Rob