Official logo, font and vignet

Hi all,

When building the site I have tried to obtain official graphical assets such as the font, color, logo etc. However I failed miserably (anyone have official brochures or anything?).

So next step was to try and approximate it as closely as possible using this picture I found. There was some app I found that could detect font type and coloring from it so there we were.

Approximate color I use on the site is:

  • RGB: 148,029,033
  • HEX: 941d21

The font in the logo is FreeSerif.

Hi-resolution logo:

And the vignet or Icon (not official cuz I made it).


Thought I add it to the knowledge base. Perhaps anyone would like to use it for painting a name on their boat or who knows a club banner!

Again if people have official things to share, please do so here!