New site feature - translation of posts (BETA)

Hi all,

With little sailing and lots of dark hours, I have spent some time on getting a long-desired feature working for our site: automated translation.

The translation service I have integrated is called DeepL and supposedly better than google and others and it should now be accessible by clicking on a little globe icon under posts.

Before you go off translate the whole site in your wild enthusiasm, a couple of BIG CAVEATS:

  1. The free plan is only worth 500,000 characters translated per month This may seem a lot but really isn’t, trust me. Even spaces count! So please try to resist the urge to use it if you really don’t need it. Give it a shot once but leave it for those who need it. You knock yourself out translating stuff on the DeepL site and using copy-paste of course :laughing:

  1. We are BETA TESTING this feature and may remove it if it doesn’t work out or results in problems. Also I don’t know what error we will get when we run through the 500k limit.

  2. It is important to set the right default language. It is used to detect whether a post needs translation for you. For all dutchies, please select dutch. The setting is located under preferences/voorkeuren → Interface → Interface language

  3. If this works nicely I may investigate other services for better price plans and think how we will be sharing cost for the site in general.

  4. I think translations are done only once and language detection is also costing some ‘characters’, So the interesting topics we should target mostly and over time most of hot topics will get covered I suppose.

Anyway, let’s see how it goes and if you like the feature or have issues with it let me know!


Well, the feature works, every month 500k characters for free, next month 500k more. Turns out the language detection also consumes characters from the budget.