My Sportina 620 keel / kiel is stuck

I hit some submerged rocks with my keel at about 5kph. I raised the keel enough to continue and then fully raised it with difficulty when I moored. The mooring ddries out and the keel pushed right up. It is now jammed (stuck). I have tried to push it down from the deck but it will not move. I think I need to lift the keel out but I do not know how. Any help with pictures or drawings will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Ik raakte een aantal verzonken rotsen met mijn kiel bij ongeveer 5 km / u. Ik tilde de kiel voldoende op om verder te gaan en bracht hem toen met moeite volledig omhoog toen ik aanmeerde. De ligplaats droogt uit en de kiel wordt recht omhoog geduwd. Het zit nu vast (vast). Ik heb geprobeerd het van het dek naar beneden te duwen, maar het wil niet bewegen. Ik denk dat ik de kiel eruit moet halen, maar ik weet niet hoe. Alle hulp met foto’s of tekeningen wordt zeer op prijs gesteld. Dank je.

Hi Brian,

Am I correct in understanding that your boat is in a tidal area and lies on its hull when the tide is out?

I looked up this post (dutch) but if you hit the translate button it should work.

@Rob_Listo should be able to clarify his post too.

Hope this is a starting point. In order to have a good look at what has happened you need to hoist the boat up I guess. Could be that the keelhead came off the keel itself and that is causing the jam. It is a known weak spot.


In this post is a HOW TO remove the keel cable:

Then remove the mast supports left and right and lift the keel from te top side of the boat.

Regards, Rob

Thank you for your response. The boat is now on a trailer. What is the keel head? The roller wheels are in the guide track.

Bolted On top of the keel is a stainless steel plate. Welded on this plate is a triangle shaped box with the rollers.
On impact the welds can crack and the triangle, the keel head, will come lose.

When I bought my boat this was the case and I had to search for a stainless steel welder.

Regards, Rob

Ok - that could be a possibility as the keel was very difficult to raise before I hit the rock! It seems it would make sense if it is the keel head or the guide track is damaged that I will need to remove the keel. I would be really pleased to get advice on how to do that and any helpful photos.

Ok - dat zou een mogelijkheid kunnen zijn, want de kiel was erg moeilijk te heffen voordat ik de rots raakte! Het lijkt logisch dat als de kielkop of de geleidingsbaan beschadigd is, ik de kiel moet verwijderen. Ik zou graag advies krijgen over hoe dat te doen en eventuele nuttige foto’s.
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Unfortunaly I do not have any pictures of the operation. Back then I just bought the boat and thougt I bought a pig in a poke and was concentrated on repairing.
Advice: remove the keel cable as described. With the boat on the trailer you can probably leave the keel in place. Remove the bolts who attach the stainless plate to the keel, remove the keel head. We take it from there.

Gr Rob

Thank you for your advice. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Yes would be very nice if you could relate your experiences here.