Introducing Stephen and Leanne

Hi to all from stephen and Leanne, and are based in wexford Ireland we bought out sportina 730 late last summer so didn’t have much time with her but really looking forward to this new year and getting some sailing time in, Ive had some sailing dinghy’s before but this is our first sailing boat and we have a lot to learn so we were delighted to find this forum :slight_smile:

kind Regards
Stephen and Leanne

//scheepsnaam/ship name
//bouwjaar/production year
// serienummer/serial number
(vier cijfers, aan stuurbord op de romp onder de stootrand/four digits, starboard on the hull, below the bumper)

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Hey Stephen and Leanne!

Great you found this forum. Hope you will find it helpful! Majority of content and users may be 680 but 730 material is there as well I think. This period is naturally a bit quiet but as the season kicks in we see some more activity. Don’t hesitate to ask anything though as the regulars do check in from time to time.

Could you share some pictures maybe and tell us about the waters that are available to you? For us dutchies that would be super intriguing to read about. Where do you dock? If you could add that location to your user profile we will have a nice marker out west on the user map.

Again a warm welcome to the site!


Hi Koen, thanks for the warm welcome and sorry i didn’t reply sooner! I dont have too many pictures of " Mycai" as we only had her a short while in the water last year but hopefully we will have plenty to share this year, We keep Mycai in a small boatsafe beside Rosslare harbour in county Wexford, its not ideal as it is silted up at moment so we are restricted with tides. the nearest marina is Kilmore Quay but apart from being full with a long waiting list it is quite expensive but it does have visiting berts available with reasonable rates for any of you " Dutchies" that might venture over this way :slight_smile: as for waters , well there is plenty of it :slight_smile: but being on the southeast coast we can sail up the more sheltered east coast toward Dublin with some small marinas and shelter along the way or head west towards Cork but i’d say for this year we will stick to local waters and estuaries . Anyway its great to find this site and I hope my Questions (only new to this so may have a lot) wont be too silly! .

kind Regards


Welcome, most Dutchies sail only inland waters so I am jealous :wink:

Here’s a challenge for you go do a meet up with @DaveF!

Perhaps you can both meet halfway and make a nice tour of the Isle of Man together! :muscle::muscle::muscle:

Hopefully someday we will have the time and experience to sail to the Isle of Man but if we end up there now it will be because something went wrong! :slight_smile: