Classic S700 manual

Hi, I’ve just bought a 2010 classic S700, has anyone got an owners manual for this yacht they could copy and send me. Thanks.

Welcome to the forums William
there might be a manual for the clever/sportina here that should resemble 90% of the new classics features. If i Get my hands on a New Classic manual ill scan it and post it in the forums.
please introduce yourself a little bit further, and post some pics of your ship :wink:

Hey William,

Great to have you on the forum! Spread the word among your fellow countrymen, we set things up to welcome non-dutchies but it’s hard to kindle the fire it seems.

Where’s your birth for your new classic? Please do make an introduction in the welcome aboard section and if you like you can add your ship’s location so that’s added to the user map.

Wish you a lot of fun sailing and tinkering on your new boat!